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Why did we start Serpent Stock?

We started Serpent Stock to give control back to the investor. Investing through traditional financial institutions involves limited options with a lack of education on how to evaluate and choose individual stocks. People do have the option to invest in mutual funds however as their investments grow so do the management fees they pay in dollar figures. Guidance around specific stocks or Exchange Traded Funds is generally only provided to those that have millions of dollars to invest with the institution’s private investment division.

Our goal is to help our members create their own investment philosophy. Having your own philosophy allows you to stick to a plan for the long term despite the current economic climate. The economy and stock market will each go through cycles with one often affecting the other. There are numerous ways to approach investing when you are in control and it’s a challenge for individuals to interpret what information is notable and what is just noise. Through our subscription services our team strives to provide you with relevant financial information to make your own investment decisions all while reducing mistakes.

Why Choose Serpent Stock?

You should use Serpent Stock if getting quality education on which investments are most likely to exceed over the long term appeals to you. Our stock and ETF selections don’t come from “a friend of a friend”. They don’t come from a “hot tip’. They come from extensive research and decades of market experience through all sorts of ups and downs. Our fundamental analysis will help you learn how to identify opportunities and assess risks in the market. Our service allows you to become your own investor and build your portfolio to achieve results. Subscribe to Serpent Stock only if you are interested in purchasing stocks or ETFs and looking for a competitive advantage. Investing can be a very overwhelming venture, would it be a bad idea if you had some help?

We Have Decades Of Experience

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About The Founder

Spinster is the leader of Serpent Stock having developed financial and investment skills over nearly a decade in the industry.

Through his career in financial management, he has attained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. Spinster has a degree in Economics and has completed numerous securities courses including retirement planning, wealth management, and derivatives.

Spinster has worked at multiple financial institutions during his career helping clients at all levels of the investment process. Having managed tens of millions of dollars for hundreds of clients he noticed there was an underserved market. It was common practice for people wanting to be more independent with their approach.

Unfortunately, guidance on individual stocks and ETFs simply wasn’t available to the majority of clients. There was an obvious need for the average investor that was not being met. Circling back to our purpose at Serpent Stock, this is why Spinster created the community. To improve independent investors’ skills and give control back to the investor.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Here at Serpent Stock our investment philosophy is simple. Our selections are centered around the idea that we are assessing a business as oppose to historical prices and statistical trends. We focus more on the fundamentals of a stock rather than technical factors. We do not look to time the market meaning we are less concerned on whether the market is at a low or high versus if the business has a viable long term model.

We take aspects such as management, growth prospects, potential risks, cash flow generation, financial status and competitive advantages into consideration.

When we make our choices, we intend to hold the stock for 3+ years and ideally forever. Having said that, we realize that things in a business will change and if those changes put the stock outside our criterion we will issue a sell alert. This philosophy allows us to stick to a plan that provides long term winners for our members.

Transparency within our services is also key. We will provide a history of all our selections so you can view not only our winners but our losers as well. It is a reality of investing that certain picks may not work out for various reasons and again if we see no path to a recovery, we will issue a sell alert.